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NewTech Infosystems is a worldwide leader in developing and delivering innovative software solutions for the digital media market.
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Fully committed to "iNnovation, Technical excellence, and Integrity in everything we do", NewTech Infosystems (NTI), a major software developer for CD-R/RW and future DVD-RW devices, has been delivering complete software solutions for CD-RW recording and backup since inception in 1993.

Building each product based on the innovative concept of "Power with Simplicity!", NTI differentiates itself with superb user-friendliness that effectively enables powerful exploration of CD-R/RW functionalities.

NTI products are available in multi-lingual versions and are distributed through OEM, retail, and volume end-user licensing channels. The NTI family of products includes NTI CD-Maker, NTI Backup NOW!, NTI DriveBackup!, FileCD, and DragonBurn!.
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