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TUSTIN, CA. - June 4, 2001 -- NewTech Infosystems (NTI) announced today that NTI CD Maker 2000, a high-performance CD-R/RW mastering and recording application designed specifically for Windows environments, is shipping with Intel Desktop Boards.

NTI CD-Maker* 2000 software, SoundMAX* with SPX* technologies (Sound Production eXtensions), RealPlayer* and RealJukebox* software will be available with Intel® Desktop Boards as part of a package to deliver innovative audio and recording technologies optimized for the latest Intel processors and chipsets. "Analog Devices' SoundMAX with SPX technologies - now offered exclusively with Intel desktop boards - together with RealPlayer and New Tech Infosystems' CD-Maker 2000, will give Intel Desktop Board users cutting-edge features and quality," said Tom Matson, director, Desktop Boards and Systems Marketing at Intel. "With the Intel AC'97 integrated audio solution and the CNR flexibility of Intel desktop boards, PC makers can deliver an unbeatable combination of premium-performance audio, Internet streaming media and CD creation technologies."

"NTI CD Maker 2000 recording software, combined with SoundMAX, RealPlayer, and RealJukebox as a unified offering with the Intel ICH2/AC'97 desktop motherboards is targeted at the heart of the multimedia market", says David Yao, Executive VP of NTI. "This combination provides a most powerful and compelling answer to those premium integrators whose intent is to offer the most advanced and cost effective multimedia solution"

NTI CD Maker 2000-Standard Edition, using a fourth generation recording engine, incorporates an advanced feature set. These include:
  • Ultra Friendly EasyStepsTM User Interface
  • MP3 to CD-DA "on-the-fly" recording
  • High speed audio extraction
  • Full audio and data CD support
  • Wide range of CD-R/RW drive support
  • BurnProof/JustLink/SeamlessLink support
  • File CD drag-and-drop packet writing
  • Session Explorer
  • Many additional CD-R/RW features and utilities

Two new Intel® Desktop Boards, D815EEA2 and D815EFV, support the latest, fastest Intel® Pentium® III and CeleronTM processors in the 370 pin package, along with a variety of advanced features at multiple price points for PC manufacturers. The ATX-form-factor D815EEA2 and the microATX D815EFV both feature Intel Active Monitor for hardware management, Intel AC'97 integrated audio, ADI SoundMAX with SPX*, four back panel USB ports and a choice of integrated or non-integrated graphics, CNR and LAN options.


NTI develops a full family of CD-R/RW recording and backup software solutions. These include NTITM CD Maker 2000TM, FileCDTM, Backup NOW!TM and DriveBackup!TM, which have been delivered in OEM and retail packaged forms since 1995. All NTI products sport the user-friendly EasyStepsTM interface. NTI supports CD-R/RW drives ranging from 1x through 24x, including those with BurnProof/JustLink/SeamlessLink capabilities.

For more information on NTI, visit www.ntius.com.

NTI is located at 1395 Warner Ave., Tustin, CA 92780.

Phone: 714-259-9700.

Fax: 714-259-9727.


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714-259-9700, ext 216 or [email protected]

Darryl Lloyd, Darryl Lloyd, Inc., (www.dlloyd.com)
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