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The latest info on CD-R/RW!
  Digital Dan   Dan's Corner
Here you will find the latest info about everything from burning CDs to the newest products available on the market! Feel free to let us know at [email protected] if there are any items you would like to see in this section - we'll do our best to deliver for you!
  All Things CDR has got some great specials on . . . . well, All Things to do with CDR! From software and drives, to CD accessories and media - you name it and All Things CDR has probably got it. Go visit them at http://www.AllThingsCDR.com
  Peachpit Press publishes award-winning books covering everything from general computing to multimedia. One of their newest titles, The Little Audio CD Book, may be just what you need to get started burning your own music CD's! Check out all of Peachpit's books at http://www.Peachpit.com.
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