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NewTech Infosystems has developed a complete line of CD recording products that complement the entire spectrum of drives on the market. From powerful backup capabilities to flexible audio burning - discover a better way of burning CD's.
NTI CD-Maker for Autoloaders
CD-Maker Pro and Copy Tools is a special version of CD-Maker that supports autoloaders manufactured by a number companies. This version of NTI software is specially designed to take full advantage of functionalities provided by a company's autoloader, including smooth, streamlined and unattended batch operations. Status of the autoloader's operations are monitored, logged and brought to the user's attention if necessary.

System Requirements
  • minimum 486/33
  • minimum 8 MB RAM
  • Windows 95/98/ME/NT
  • CD R/RW Drive
  • CD R/RW Disc
  • CD Extra mode support
  • Create mixed-mode CD from any session on a CD
  • Session Explorer - retrieve files from any session on a CD
  • Directory/File Compare Utility
  • Option to verify data in CD vs. image file after writing
  • Multisession CD duplication support
  • Batch Mode in CD-Copy: support of multiple Master CD's
  • CD Comparison Utility
Supported Autoloaders
  • Axiomatic CDR Autoloader
  • Champion CD-R Shuttle with Yamaha CDR 100 & CDR 400
  • MediaFORM Genesis CD-2600 CD(R) Autoloader
  • MTC Trans/Corder with Teac CD-R50S or Philips CDD 2600 & CDD 2000
  • Nistec ALW-501 with Teac CD-R 50S or Philips CDD 2600 & CDD 2000
  • Discmatic AD1050 Autoloader

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