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CD-Maker 2000 Reviews

Smart Computing
"Burning CDs is as easy as ripping. Just drag audio tracks from the upper-right pane to the playlist pane below and click Step 2. CD-Maker 2000 has some default settings that actually decide what’s best for the CD you’re burning."

ZDNET's Reviewers' Raves
"NTI CD-Maker 2000 is an excellent, top-of-the-line CD-burning program that can just about do it all."

Yippee.net Top Download!
"NTI CD-Maker is a very wicked CD Burning program, packed with more features than we've ever seen before!"

eMedia Review
"NTI's CD-Maker 2000 succeeds in bringing simplicity to the increasingly complex realm of CD recording software."

Five Star Review - Editor's Choice Award!
"CD-Maker 2000 touts some pretty unique features we found that separate it from the crowd."

Slaughterhouse.com Pick of the Day!
"All of the basic functions as well as many other more advanced ones are fully supported by NTI CD-Maker 2000 and as a result makes it the only CD burner software you'll ever need no matter what you're trying to do."

"If you are looking for a package that works well under W2K for burning CD-Rs in various formats (data, music, combination), I would suggest that you give the CD-Maker 2000 software full consideration. It's easy to use, fast and flexible."

"CD-Maker 2000 has loads of features. From making Audio CD's to Custom CD's. The user interface is easy to use as well."

"CD-Maker 2000 is a thousand times better than the original CD copying software that was factory installed in our name brand system. CD-Maker 2000 has a simple user friendly interface and packs a powerful punch."

"This software program possesses great strength and is moderately priced. First, it is potent and versatile, providing the inexperienced user or the expert with an array of options and alternatives in how they choose to record CD’s. Second, there are significant varieties of CD recording methods available in this program. Third, but perhaps most importantly, the user interface is uncomplicated and the help section is easy to understand. "

Backup NOW! Reviews

PC World Review
"Backup Now Makes Archiving to CD-RW a Breeze!"

Yippee.net Top Download!
"Backup NOW! delivers a total solution for all your data backup needs. It is the first and only software title to provide full image backup and specific file backup exclusively for your CD-R/RW drive. Don't let your CD-Burner just sit there - make it work for you!"

eMedia Review
"The program is solid and stable, easy to understand, and easy to set up for scheduled backups. Indeed, the availability of full-featured backup tools like NTI Backup NOW! easily helps position CD-R and CD-RW as true backup media."

Five Star Review - Editor's Choice Award!
"NTI Backup Now! does what other programs only hope to do and is state of the art in the industry."

Slaughterhouse.com Pick of the Day!
"The reason I would recommend NTI Backup Now over an all-in-one type CD burning suite has to do mainly with the little extras NTI throws in. Those are things you don't really pay attention to but make much less of a headache."

PC World Review
"NTI Backup Now combines the best elements of other backup utilities. You use a simple Explorer-like interface to select the data you want to back up. You can also create custom settings that will let you back up entire folders or even whole drives--and NTI Backup Now will tell you how many discs you'll need."

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